Custom lanyards- choosing the right kind of lanyards

The best thing about custom lanyards is that these can be designed according to your specifications. These can be availed in a variety of materials and budgets. However, for a corporate event it is always better to invest in satin or embossed lanyards. On the other hand if you are looking for budget friendly options you may have the choice of buying lace lanyards which are slightly cheaper but just as durable.

What you should know before buying custom lanyards?

While you can definitely customize lanyards into different styles and designs, there are certain things which you need to keep in mind when purchasing them from a supplier. Remember that high quality custom lanyards available are always in demand. You should also consider investing in ones which are good quality so that it creates a good impression on those who wear it. It will add clout to your management event and make it a success.

Buy lanyards which are safe to wear

You have the option of buying lanyards which come in a break away or non breakable style. However it is much safer to invest in breakaway lanyards in case it might get stuck into something or if it is grabbed by someone the breakaway opens so that the person wearing it doesn’t have to get injured. Schools usually prefer using breakaway lanyards so as to consider the safety of their students. In fact these are the kind of lanyards which should be used for just about everyone.

Choosing the right style

You can customize lanyards in different styles and designs. The most common ones are either round braid or flat braid. You can even choose eco-friendly lanyards which are usually made from bamboo or recycled plastic. The lanyards come in a width of three eighth inches to one inch. This which can be designed according to the logo or the design you want to be printed on to the lanyard.

Customizing lanyards

Lanyards can be customized by engraving the name of the school order institution onto it. These can be customized in a variety of colors. You also have the option of printing different kinds of font onto it. Make sure that you provide the logo and it’s designed before hand only. The supplier would then let you know whether it is possible to emboss it on to the lanyard or not.

The style of the card attachment

When you are thinking about attaching the cards to the lanyards you can choose to attach those with a hook. On the other hand you can also use clips, swivel hooks or even cell phone hooks.

It is important that you only buy lanyards from a trusted supplier. Choose lanyards which are durable and serve their purpose well. It is best not to compromise on the quality of the lanyards especially if these are for a corporate event.