Practical tips for a trip to Australia do it yourself

After returning from our trip to Australia and having put some scattered thoughts on paper, the time has come to gather all the information and practical tips that can help you organize a wonderful month-long trip to Australia!


Days : 33

Dates : from 7 December 2015 to 10 January 2016

Places visited : Perth, Northern Territory (Darwin, Litchfield National Park, Kakadu National Park), Outback (Alice Springs, Uluru, Olgas Mountains, King’s Canyon), Adelaide, Kangaroo Island, Great Ocean Road, Melbourne, Phillip Island, Sydney, Withsundays (Airlie Beach, Great Barrier Reef, Withsundays Islands), Brisbane.

Movements :

  • Milan – Singapore and Singapore – Perth by plane with Singapore Airlines
  • Perth – Darwin by plane with Virgin Australia
  • Darwin – Alice Springs by plane with Virgin Australia
  • Alice Springs – Adelaide by plane with Qantas
  • Adelaide – Melbourne (via Kangaroo Island) by car
  • Melbourne – Sydney by plane with Virgin Australia
  • Sydney – Proserpine (Airlie Beach) by plane with Tiger Air
  • Proserpine – Brisbane by plane with Jetstar
  • Brisbane – Singapore and Singapore – Milan by plane with Singapore Airlines


Australia is expensive, intercontinental flight costs a lot, travel costs, overnight stays cost, it costs to rent a car and it costs to eat out. It costs everything !

With this I don’t want to scare anyone, but we have to deal with reality, having said that it is also true that if you want you can not spend a fortune by living an unforgettable experience anyway. For example, although we are on our honeymoon, we have sometimes opted for cheaper solutions such as hostels or lodges booked on Airbnb, so we could cook in the evening and have breakfast in the morning at home, saving a little money. In any case, the cost of accommodation depends greatly on the period in which you decide to leave. We were there during the summer (a time when children are at home from school and even Australians go on vacation) and in Sydney we went to New Year, so it’s normal to have found in some cases very high prices.


To enter Australia you need to apply online to get a visa . it is the one experienced by us in the first person, if you need information on other visas, 

Back to us, if you have a passport from a European Union country to obtain a 3-month tourist visa, you will have to apply on the official eVisitor visa website (subclass 651) . After making an online request, you will receive permission to enter Australia directly in your e-mail box, so make sure you have correctly entered the e-mail address, otherwise you will not be able to retrieve it.